Monday, March 14, 2005


To calm the fizz
her palms spread on
a table close to vertical take off
through much powerful thought
...too much chasing shifts
she's never caught
but startled awake with otherworldly hints
of the farce
returning atoms
to her pulse's core,
where particles leap fitfully
in tandem with the fixed
constituent case of her flesh;
and worlds dwelling there
are seeped and sunken
by the shadow
screws spiralling to horizon's skewered
window of what's known
but in this moment;
a sole image
beyond virtual;
just like the never seen
spectrum ring of her specter's
webbed-to-ribbed perfecting
cold mind
coolly analysing all.

This piece is a semi-found escapement of the Theoromic symbol Blake envisaged. A kind of virginial harlot in service of the divine law of polyamoratory, as posited in several ongoing research works by a number of colleagues at our informal "virtual department of fragmentary poetics" - a sort of unofficial oneiromantic web-fellowship continuing the investigative and philosophically structural work used in the work of the Golden Dawn.

With effort, patterns can be located within and without the anima mundi, and, each member, be given a relevant tatwa-like equivalent, along with a whole host of other stuff. The symbolic talisman used at the first breath of modernism (cardboard cut ups etc) in the work of Yeats, can now be telescoped and expanded so that the response time and schedules for members can be calculated more precisely.

This piece came from a gyre symbol, which all members received, and a common image was generated whilst we were in separate geo-physical locations. These were noted in every participants journal after each collective event. I wrote this as a part of the ongoing themed investigation to that specific event within a wider net of syncronistic occurrences, which can be empirically gauged (as well as anything can be said to be so measured) and exist symbiotically with the work of written "stuff" written to enlighten, entertain and educate all at the same time. Simultaneously. Simultaneously means, 'at the same time'. But ye know that, don't you?


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