Friday, August 14, 2015

Memory of Motown

Classic soul singing from Segais Well - Shamanic and Mystical Ritual Tools and Metaphysical Supplies. Wiva force ov an leannán sí sweetly murmuring the joys and the heartbreaks - combined into the voices of a global music happening all our loves and lives, in letters writ upon our page by the hand of fate, poetry and dán, grá agus síocháin, n' memories of the Motown All Stars blasting from my eldest sister's stereo, singing the songs that played on a loop in our 1970s Ormskirk bygone times​ 'ouse on a cul de sac. Where all us many kids played hide n seek, kirby, blockie, commandos; walked across the live-line and stayed un-electrocuted. Watched top of the pops every thursday, read my guy, jackie, and all the problem pages. & watched whilst breakfasting morning commuters stare in at us from a train stopped at the back of our garden. Worra ye lake.

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